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At Orsak MotorSports we don’t just provide generic services, we go beyond the basics to redefine your driving experience. We offer performance enhancing solutions tailored to you and your vehicle. Explore our performance, upgrades, and modification services below.


Experience transformation with our Performance Consultation service, where we decode your vehicle’s true potential and tailor solutions to meet your unique driving aspirations. We delve deep, analyzing every aspect of your vehicle to recommend enhancements that elevate performance, drivability, and efficiency.


Unleash the full power of your vehicle with our Performance Tuning service! We meticulously optimize your car’s engine, maximizing horsepower, torque, and overall responsiveness, ensuring each rev is a symphony of peak performance and exhilaration. Every curve, every straightaway becomes a playground for your enhanced machine, responding with precision and agility to your every command.

ECU Remapping

Transform your drive with our ECU Remapping service! We fine-tune your engine’s core settings to reveal hidden power and boost efficiency. Using advanced technology, we customize your vehicle’s control unit for responsiveness that matches your driving style. Break free from factory limits with a ride that’s stronger, more efficient, and perfectly attuned to you.

Turbocharger and Supercharger Installations

Boost your car’s performance with our Turbocharger and Supercharger Installations! Experience new levels of thrill with our expertly integrated forced induction systems, designed to increase power, torque, and efficiency. Choose between the swift boost of a turbocharger or the constant force of a supercharger, and let us turn your ride into an unparalleled masterpiece of performance.

Suspension Upgrades

Enhance your driving experience with our Suspension Upgrades! Our precise modifications promise optimal balance, improved grip, and sharper cornering. Tailored to your preferences, whether for comfort or competition, our experts fine-tune your suspension for stability and responsiveness, connecting you intimately with the road.

Brake Services and Upgrades

Upgrade to confidence with our Brake Services and Upgrades! We boost your control with enhanced response and durability, fitting high-performance components tailored to your vehicle and driving style. Enjoy peace of mind in all conditions with brakes built for consistency and reliability.

Exhaust System Upgrades and Modifications

Maximize your car’s prowess with our Exhaust System Upgrades! We enhance your drive by improving engine efficiency and acoustics. Our high-performance systems are crafted to boost power and deliver a unique, bold sound, while unlocking hidden horsepower and torque through optimized flow.

Cooling System Upgrades

Keep your engine optimal with our Cooling System Upgrades! Tailored for those seeking peak thermal efficiency, our solutions enhance coolant circulation and heat escape, ensuring your engine stays cool in extreme drives. Embark on high-speed journeys confidently, knowing your vehicle boasts top-tier cooling performance, ready for relentless acceleration

Performance Parts Installation

Experience unmatched performance with our expert installation of premium components, each chosen and integrated to boost your car’s speed, power, and agility. Trust our team’s precision and advice to unlock your vehicle’s full potential, turning every drive into an exhilarating adventure.”

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